Hello Friends.!

Hello Friends,

When we hear the word “Photography”, the first thing that comes in our mind is capturing a memory of what and how we see the world ahead of us. But when a normal person holds the camera and captures the image, it is always there that something is missing. Sometimes a portrait doesn’t explain or show feelings of the face, sometimes a bird is just placed at some corner of the image, A landscape looks just dull, image gets blurred in the night, person is out of focus and so on…

Many people thinks that ‘Oh! He can capture great images because he has blah blah DSLR, lens and all..” But that’s totally WRONG! A good image is captured only by the creativity and how we frame the world. One can capture a best image only by the point and shoot camera, if he knows how and what to capture. Because Photography is nothing but an Art, your imaginations and the way you look at the world around you makes you a perfect photographer.

But of course every beginner needs some help about how and where to start. Here I’m sharing my experience, and few tricks and tips, that will help you, and can make you, I’ll not say professional, but a PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHER…


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